BCal's Corporate Identity
circa 1974
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This, the newly revised edition of the BRITISH CALEDONIAN AIRWAYS Corporate ldentity Manual, supersedes the previous editions.

Its purpose is to give guidance on the application of the BRITISH CALEDONIAN AIRWAYS livery to the many items of equipment, stationary, etc. which may be used all over the world.

It cannot at the outset contain specimens of all items; during its life additional pages will be circulated to cover amendments and additions. It is hoped that the manual will provide a useful reference on the airline livery and serve as an instructional tool to new members of the company.

Naturally there are likely to be items of equipment on which a general rule cannot be made.

Equally, Area and Departmental Managers may require guidance on specific items. In all these cases you are requested to send detailed specifications and if possible, photographs to the Advertising Manager who will be responsible for co-ordination.
The Corporate Identity of any organisation has always been important, both for brand recognition and to an extent enabling customer loyalty through such recognition. Here we have an edition of BCal's Corporate Identity Manual from around 1974 I think, with some selected pages from within it below in a gallery. The following text is the Introduction from the manual itself.
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