And now for something completely different
I am very fortunate to get to see lots of different things that BCal produced or possibly had a hand in, but every-so often something a bit different appears, first one, then another and when the 3rd turns up there is a chance of more so time to do a web page to show them.

This is one of those occasions where it is time for a web page and it would be great to know if anyone had a hand in these and how many are there in the series please.

They are professionally made and aside from being fluffy they have all the right bits in all the right places, wings, engines, rotors and of course smiles.

(though the eyes and eye lashes are optional extras)

Below there are their operational / performance tables
BCal 1-11 BCal DC-10 BCalH S-61
BCal 1-11 BCal DC-10 BCalH S-61
I hope you enjoyed the light hearted look at these super little caricature BCal aircraft,
are there anymore of the fluffy fleet out there ?
Manufacturer     British Aircraft Corporation
Type                 BAC 1-11 Series Fluffy
Engines            2
Length              9 inches
Wingspan         7 inches
Passengers       Yes, but must be small
Crew                 Yes, but also small
Range               Seen in all the best places

Manufacturer     Douglas Aircraft Corporation
Type                 DC-10 Series Plush
Engines            3
Length              10 inches
Wingspan         11 inches
Passengers       Yes, but bigger than the 1-11
Crew                 Yes, but not as small as 1-11
Range               Almost certainly a long way

Manufacturer     Sikorsky
Type                 S-61 Series Soft
Engines            2
Length              11 inches
Wingspan          4 inches
Passengers       Yes, a few little ones
Crew                 Yes, but have to smile too
Range               Comes with floats if its too far