Bryan Reburn  Marketing Personnel Manager / Customer Relations Manager
Sadly Bryan has passed away. He collapsed suddenly on 6th June 2019. My sincere condolences go to his wife Agnes, his family, many friends and former colleagues. Bryan was a regular contributor in our FB group and his many posts always garnered lots of interest. RIP Bryan.

Bryan Remembered

From Sheila Cash
No, that is such a shock. How awful for his family and friends. Bryan was my boss when we all left BCAL at the time of the merger. I have happy memories of our time working together and we all had a reunion a few years ago. Very sad news.

From Mike Platt : Stunned, shocked. What can I say.

From Fiona Voice : Iím so sorry. Rest in peace Bryan; he was my boss when I first joined BCAL in 1979

From Caron Phillips : RIP Bryan, and my condolences to his family and friends

From Peter Barry
What a catastrophic event - Bryan was a wonderful man - a loss to his family friends and all who knew him- May he rest in absolute wonderful peace.

From David Hicks : Such sad news. Fly high Bryan!

From Geoff Johnston : Condolences to his family he was one of the best.

From Vivien Izzard : Sad news, RIP Bryan xxx

From Helena Burgoyne : Very sorry to read this sad news

From Pat Cresswell : Oh no. Condolences to the family. So sad.

From Richard Heywood : Oh no, this is awful. Bryan was a good man who helped me inside and outside BCAL. My sincere condolences to his family.

From Coreen Wilcox : So sorry to hear of the sudden loss of Bryan. My condolences to Agnes, family and friends. RIP Bryan

From Iain Hutchison : My goodness, that really is a bolt from the blue. Tragic for his family and he will be missed.

From Ian Colgan
Oh I am so shocked to hear this. I didn't actually work with him when he was in Scotland but we had BCAL friends in common so had many a chat online. An absolute gentleman. Respects and condolences to all the family.

From Elizabeth English
Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear this. Lovely man. Rest in Peace, Bryan, condolences to the family from Trevor & myself

From Neil Warringer : RIP Bryan condolences to the family.

From Fee Flee : So very sorry Fly Free Bryan xx

From Tracey Martell
So sorry to hear the sad news regarding Bryan. He was my boss in Customer Relations. We met up with him about 18 months ago. Iím so pleased we saw him and when we did, and he looked so well too. My thoughts go out to his family during, what must be an extremely difficult time. Rest in Peace, Bryan

From Peter Kenworthy : So sad to hear, RIP

From Vanessa Ridgway van Perlstein :  Very sad

From Karen Rayner : So sad. R.I.P Bryan. Love to his family xxxx

From Phil Bowell
This is a huge shock. Bryan was a great guy and helped so many people inside and outside BCAL. He was heavily involved in the first BCAL Overseas Managers Pool training course which I was fortunate to be a member of. There were only 7 of us, 6 from BCAL and all from Operations so to be picked for Overseas Sales & Marketing was a huge honour and we needed a lot of training and support. Bryan helped coordinate that and I am sure my colleagues will agree we will forever be in his debt. RIP Brian - sincere condolences to all his family at this extremely sad time.

From Howard Meredith : RIP Bryan very sad news.

From Sally Simmonds : Very sorry to hear this news.

From Sally Ann Beischer : Very sorry to hear this sad news, he was a lovely man. RIP Bryan.

From Susie Douglas-Smith : Very sorry to hear that, and my thoughts go out to his family

From Jim Williams : RIP Bryan, thoughts to the family

From Bob Ash : Sorry to hear this - rest in peace, Bryan, from an old B.Cal piper.

From Charles Powell
I was very sorry to hear of Bryan's death. I knew him well and he was always a strong contributor to the BCAL team. Rest in peace, Bryan.

From Tom Stringer
Very sorry and indeed shocked to hear this news. We were only joking together the other week on Facebook about a picture heíd posted. Great working with him in the South American route office and then CR. RIP Bryan, a great manager and overall nice guy.

From Audrey E. Bateman
Shocked and saddened, he was so active on our Facebook page with pictures and info. He will be missed, RIP Bryan. Condolences to Agnes.

From Diana Evans : So sorry to hear that, RIP Bryan.

From Trevor Warburton : Sad news indeed. RIP Bryan

From David R Holder : Vey sad news RIP Bryan, sincere Condolences to the family

From Richard Bristow
Like everyone else I was deeply saddened and shocked to hear of Bryanís passing. I worked for him for some time. He was a great guy, fun to work for and very professional. Sincerest condolences to Agnes and the rest of his family.

From Jeff Youtan
So sad - another B.Cal stalwart taken from us all to soon. Really good guy, RIP Bryan and sincere condolences to all the family

From Andy Bridgeman
So sorry to hear of Bryanís passing. He was a lovely man. I particularly remember his great help and diligent efforts during and after the Falklands War with our many staff in South America, especially Argentina of course, but also elsewhere, as we worked to keep services operating under difficult conditions. RIP

From Sue Barter : Yet another character gone, so sorry RIP

From David Williams
Oh no, I'm am so shocked and sad. Only a couple of weeks ago he sent me a photo of a bunch of us BCal managers. I just loved working with Bryan we had fun times he was such a genuine person RIP my friend

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Condolences were also extended by:

Dave Thaxter, Kris Massie, Julie Nuttall, Mike Keely, Jenny Thomas, Peter Durran, Tina Harvey, Austin Wynn-Hayes, Christine Jegu, Pat Cresswell, Riaz Butt, Barbara Crosse, Sharon Burgess, Alan Reeves, Jackie Hebert, Chris Jensen, Fran Cox, Doug Ledingham, George Banks, Dave Surry, Elizabeth English, Malcolm McCluskey, Ian Jones, Marlene Crawley,

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Service details

Bryanís funeral was held on Friday 5th July in St Richardís Chapel at the Surrey & Sussex Crematorium. (Map here)

The family kindly invited friends and colleagues to join them afterwards too, and share happy memories of Bryan at The Copthorne Hotel Gatwick. Fittingly this was held in the Caledonian Suite.

If you wish donations can be made in memory of Bryan to The British Heart Foundation or Diabetes UK via Ballard & Shortall funeral Directors at
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