Brian Streeter   Bonded Store Manager
It is sadness we learn that Brian passed away in June 2020 after a long illness. My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. Brian was the Bonded Store Manager

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Brian Remembered

From Charles Powell

Brian was Bonded Store Manager for many years and he was a much trusted and respected member of my InFlight Services management team. Brian can genuinely be described as an excellent manager and true champion for BCAL. He always delivered, he managed a happy and productive team. He managed the endless process of detail with Customs and Excise and the communications with our suppliers all to the highest standards. Rest in Peace, Brian. It will be well deserved. RIP Brian.

From Kim Stapleton MacBeath
Our family knew Brian well, my Dad Tony Stapleton managed the financial side of the Bonded Store. May he Rest In Peace.

From Graham Waters : My Dad Doug Waters knew Brian Streeter R.I.P.

From Fee Flee : I am very sorry to see this sad news Fly Free Brian xx

From Bob Lillywhite
OMG How sad... I knew Brian very well and had a lot of dealings with him and his staff as our Flight Catering Unit was next to his Bonded Store...... RIP

From Jim Williams : This is sad news. I knew Brian and his brother Mick well. Rest in peace my friend.

From James Devlin : Brian was a lovely and respected man. RIP Brian

From George Banks
I was so sorry to hear of the passing of Brian. In 1973 when I joined BCAL it was a very close knit team at BCAL catering, working as we did above the Bonded store. Betty Shelton was operations manager catering and Brian the Bonded store manager and we all met regularly if we had new routes starting up, if we had Catering or Bonded store issues. Brian  often came away on start ups for new routes with us and he was an enormous help and great company. On one occasion our bar was impounded for the inaugural DC-10-30  delivery flight from Long  Beach and Brian and his team sorted it out with caterers Marriott in LA.

Recently I have been in correspondence with Brian and I was aware he was not well and he sent me some memorabilia that he treasured including a first class BUA Scroll menu for a flight which he travelled on all the way to Santiago de Chile and a photo of the BUA VC10. I think he knew I would look after these things for him and I very much appreciated the kind gesture. Many memories of the old catering team under Mrs Wilde, Betty Shelton, Graham Elliott and Brian who will be terribly missed. RIP Brian.

From Phil Bowell
I was extremely sad to hear of Brianís passing. On joining British United Catering in June 1969, Len Emery put me into the Bonded Store under Brian so he was my first manager in aviation. A quiet, helpful and supportive man who ran a great team and developed a wonderful working atmosphere. He worked closely with Jim Currie and Betty Shelton and together made BUA and the BCAL Catering what it was - the airline at the top of its game. I met him last year and we had a great time talking of the old days and the things we would get up to. A huge loss - a great man. RIP Brian

From Jenny Maidstone and Diana Tate: Our sincere condolences, RIP Brian

From Ray Dodd Bonded Store Duty officer
Very sad news of Brian.  I owe so much to this man; he had enough faith in me, that he promoted me twice first to Supervisor and the second time was to Duty officer.  This allowed me to achieve much more than I could ever of dreamed of in the aviation business  and has left me with wonderful, everlasting memories of BCAL and the Bonded stores. Someone once said "life's purpose is the acquisition of memories", thank you Brian for your contribution.  Fly high matey.

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Brian, far right, in 1985, with some of his team
British Caledonian - A Tribute