Brian Folley Corporate Relations Manager
Sadly Brian passed away on 22nd February 2017, after a long stay in hospital.  My sincere condolences go out to his family, friends and former colleagues. 

Brian joined the BCAL Press & PR Dept in the early 1970s as Manager Press Office. He was previously UK PR officer for the former Trans World Airlines.

He rose to become a Corporate Relations Manager with BCAL based at Gatwick headquarters. When the airline resumed scheduled trans-Atlantic operations in 1977 with the launch of service to Houston, Brian transferred to Texas to head up Press & PR activities in the USA.

He left the airline several years later to work with BCAL’s US promotional agency based in New York; and then for a spell with the Aviation Daily publication based in Dallas.  After returning to the UK, Brian joined the RCI International travel organisation where he worked until retirement.

Brian's service was held on 7th April 2017 at Slough Crematorium
If you would like to leave a message in remembrance please drop me a line anytime

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