The Brian Culver Gallery

The following images were kindly sent in by Brian and I am pleased to show them here.

These photo’s are of the BCAL Planning Department at Gatwick with a lot of familiar faces. The event, I think, was the installation of the camera system looking at the planning boards, running along what was very similar to a railway line, the camera could be operated remotely by the MOCON who was sat in a terrapin hut behind the hangar.
My thanks to Roy Sexton and David Holder for help with the missing names
From left to right we have.
Barry Bloomfield, Wally Waterfield, Me - Brian Culver, Jim Beauchamp, Geoff King, Sir Adam of course, Frank Skilbeck, Alastair Pugh,
Richard (Dick) Holder, Christine Selmes, Marilyn Aylott, Kathy McCluskey and Secretary - Joan Dent
Alastair Pugh, Frank Skilbeck with Adam Thomson in BCal Planning
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