Bernard Sedgwick   Captain 1-11 Fleet
Sadly Bernard, a former 1-11 Captain, has passed away. He was taken into Frimley hospital and passed on Sunday 20th September.  My sincere condolences go out to his wife Doreen, his family friends and former colleagues at this time. Bernard was a former 1-11 First Officer then a 1-11 Captain.

Service details : Order of Service

Bernard's service was held on 1st October 2020 at Easthampstead Park Crematorium   map here

Bernard Remembered

From David Monty Phythian:
Sad news indeed, RIP Bernie.

From Jim Williams:
R.I.P. Bernie keep flying high.

Christina Selmes:
RIP Captain Bernie Sedgwick

Trevor Tommy Gunn:
RIP Bernie. Always had a smile and a bubbly character.

Roger Brown:
He was a lovely chap. RIP

From Sally Simmonds: So sorry to hear.

From Lyndsey Walker nee Robinson
A memorable flight to either Glasgow or Edinburgh from LGW back in April ’74 when we broke all records for flight time. The full Lunch service was whisked away from Passenger's laps and food was all over the place in the galley on landing. Something like 50mins choc to choc. Bernie was a F/O at the time, and I remember opening the flight deck door to him looking back at me raising his hands up in the air when the 3 bell warning was pressed, as if to say “sorry, nothing we could do about it‘! Passengers were amazing with their compliments thankfully when they got off !  Fly High Bernie;  RIP

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Condolences have also been extended by:

Dave Thaxter, John Morgan, Graham Waters, Tina Harvey, Lindsay Smith, Liz Rogers, Graham Lambert, Jackie Hebert, Jenny Thomas, George Banks, Linda Boyle, Simone Pontet-piccolomini, Angie Miles, Pat Cresswell, Kris Massie, David John Mercer, Janet Willis, Riaz Butt, Carol Boaks, Susie Douglas-Smith

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Bernard, 3rd from left, in the lighter grey coveralls.

He was part of the BCal contingent flying in the 1976 Strathallan Air Show in Perthshire. Some 26,000 people attended and watched the flying display.

This was just a year after the Lancaster flight from Canada, crewed by other BCal staff, but the co-operation between Strathallan and BCal continued.

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