Bernadette Higgs (later Hughes): Cabin Crew
Sadly we have heard that Bernadette passed on 5th February 2022 after battling cancer. Our sincere condolences go out to her family, friends and former colleagues.

Bernadette was one of the original British Caledonian hostesses. Before that she was at Southend in the early days of Bristol Freighters (Frighteners) and jumping on wheel chains in 1965, later moving on to Laker's.  I am sure many from those days will remember her recalls Anne Jack
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Bernadette Remembered

From Roger Warren: 
RIP Bernadette

From Caron Phillips:
RIP and my sincere condolences to her family and friends

From Peter Clark
So sorry to hear of Bernadette's passing. I worked in OPS/Movement control at CAB Southend base I remember She was one of the first batch of A/H which the company employed when we got the first ATL-98 in 1962 before that all our B-170 Fleet were maned by male Car Marshalls then the A/H number grew as we received more ATL-98's. RIP Bernadette

From Sally Simmonds:
So sorry to hear. RIP, Bernadette.

From Keryma Briceņo Neff:

From Riaz Butt:
Sad news, my sincere condolences to Bernadette's family and friends and my prayers for her, Rest in peace.

From Jim Will:
RIP Bernadette. Condolences to the family.

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Condolences have also been extended by:

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