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The following photos and images were kindly sent in by Andy, and I am pleased to be able to show them here
Here we have G-LINK up close and personal hoovering over / landing on Court Lodge Playing fields in Horley

There is also a tartan clad lady in the pictute too....staff maybe?    Any thoughts as to who she may be and why LINK was there much appreciated.

Sadly "health & safety" would prevent anything like this nowadays, but all are having great fun by the looks of things back then. Being that close to an S-61 they would certainly feel it and hear it.
BUA Cargo - Southside 1970
BUA Cargo - Southside 1970
Four BCal DC10s & an A310 - LGW
Four BCal DC10s & an A310 - LGW
The Southside Buildings and BUA's cargo facility - 1970
Here we have Captain Eric Saunders walking along the perimeter road towards the hangars.

My thanks to Jim Stott & Patrick Pooler for identifying Eric.
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