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The following photo was kindly sent in by Richard, a Captain with BCal Helicopters between 1980 -1983, and I am pleased to be able to show it here

The photo shows BCalH Sikorsky S-61 G-BIHH on The Hermod off Inverness on 14th March 1982
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My thanks to Richard for the photo

The Hermod SSCV
The Hermod SSCV
The Hermod building an oil rig
The Hermod building an oil rig
The Hermod

Following Richard's email and photo, I went to see what the Hermod looked like, thinking it was a North Sea oil platform. No, it was bigger.

It was a Semi Submersible Crane Vessel (SSCV) and it was used to assemble and build oil platforms at sea. Two massive cranes capable of lifting 9,000 tonnes when used together in a tandem lift, sat on a vessel with a 74,000 gross tonnage

Though at 6 knots she was not very quick!
The helicopter deck was mounted on top of the white accommodation block and was rated up to an S-61. The Hermod could accommodate 336 people at any one time.

She was launched in 1979, and only decommissioned in 2017

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