Live Animal Cargo
Right of the Lion is Bo (Bonita) Daniels
Right of the Lion is Bo (Bonita) Daniels
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Transporting live animals around the world was a huge part of the cargo operations of BUA, Caledonian and British Caledonian. Many of them were worth a small fortune, especially the thoroughbred racehorses, but some were valuable......for their rarity. 

Just about any type of animal was flown, racehorses, miniature horses monkeys, pigs, baby chicks (lots of them 162,000 in one flight), elephants, dolphins, jaguars, lions, llamas, porcupines, mink, goats, sheep, cattle, flamingos, cranes, cats, dogs, Rhino's, a kinkajou and a baby gorilla too.

Below we have a great series of photos from Vic Attwood showing lots of them
On the left is Frances Suttonwood and in the centre is Kim Hudd