The Alan Reeves Gallery - Pt 3

The following photos and images were kindly sent in by Alan, and I am pleased to be able to show them here

These were taken in Dubai circa 1983

Alan Reeves, Bob Isted (acting manager DXB), and Babu Jethwa
Tehseen Ul Haque - Traffic, Pradeep Chandrasen -Traffic, Alan Reeves - Stn Manager,  John Protheroe Thomas - BCal Director, Babu Jethwa - DEC Stn Manager, Mike ? - Traffic ?
Currently (July 2016) Tehseen is EK (Emirates) at JFK, Pradeep is with DNATA DXB, Alan is retired, JPT ?,  Babu is in Crawley and Mike we believe is in the Midlands
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