The Alan Reeves Gallery - Pt 2

The following photos were kindly submitted by Alan, and I am pleased to be able to show them here.

If you recognise any of the folks in the photos, please drop me a line anytime
David Brooksbank, GM Uganda during the Idi Amin purge of Asian origin people.

That's me on the right obviously having a beer with I think an engineer and a hostess behind.?

I took over EBB from Babu Jethwa, station manager, and he was the last Asian to leave. He was later employed by BCal overseas and we ended up working in DXB together.
The man on the right was called, by me, Bilou. He used to switch the catering from belly to cabin during the Caledonian Airways Charter KHI turnarounds.

In those days second sector was carried in the hold and for the first couple of months I had to do it during the 60 min turn. Not good; though made me fit.

Bilou used to also serve private aircraft that tech stopped KHI generally using dry stores from US...The chap in the middle is Dudley - but I cannot think why he was there? He was a Load Controller from LGW.

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