Air Ferry
The Charter Airline within Air Holdings

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Hugh Kennard formed Air Kruise in 1946, they were bought out by British Aviation Services in 1953 and Kennard became joint managing director of Air Kruise and Silver City.

Though late in 1960 he resigned suddenly and left Silver City.

But in 1964 Hugh Kennard formed Air Ferry and would start vehicle ferry operations, though BUAF  dominated the market by that time. In 1966 Air Ferry was taken over by Air Holdings (group owners of BUA) and the car ferry side of Air Ferry was merged into BUAF.

Though Air Ferry would remain as an airline and flew charter services for the Groupís tour businesses, Leroy, Lyons and Whitehall Tours.

A rare image of an Air Ferry Bristol B170 Freighter, G-AMLL
Air Ferry, within Air Holdings, would fly many passengers to near continent desinations using Douglas DC-4 and DC-6 aircraft as well as Vikings and Vickers Viscounts from their base at Kent's Manston Aerodrome. When Air Holdings sold BUA to British & Commonwealth in May 1968, they retained Air Ferry.

Below we have a series of photos from one of those trips when BUA and Air Ferry were under one owner, with passengers boarding DC-4, G-APYK. Also inflight views and a shot of the cabin too.
In Memorium

Sadly this aircraft, G-APYK, was lost with all 83 passengers and 5 crew on 3rd June 1967 on a night flight between Manston and Perpigan. The aircraft was four minutes out from arrival and passing 4,000ft on approach.

The crew were thought to have been overcome by carbon monoxide from a faulty heater, which possibly led to confusion over reference points and radio navigation systems, this coupled with language issues between controllers and the aircraft all conspired to the tragic loss.
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