The Peter Clark Gallery

The following photos were sent in by Peter and I am pleased to be able to show them here

Peter worked for Air Charter, CAB, BUAF, BAF from 1958 thru 1974 in Traffic, OPS, Movement Control and later the Charter Dept

Capt Jimmy Alford (RIP)
Capt John Baird
Capt Reg Banks, (Ex HCA)  
Capt Dick Barton (RIP)
Capt Dicky Bird
Capt Goff Bowles 
Capt Bill Butterfield
Capt Mike Bussey (RIP)
Capt Pop Carreras (RIP)
Capt Jim Coates
Capt Fred Collinson, (ex HCA)
Capt Chris Couch (RIP)
Capt Norman Curtis, (Ex HCA) 
Capt Jock Dall
Capt Jim Evans (RIP)
Capt John Gibson
Capt Pete Guiver
Capt Clive Hartley
Capt Fred Haslam (RIP)
Capt Allan Hellery
Capt Ted Howard
Capt Norman Jennings
Capt Walter Keatley, (Ex HCA) (RIP)
Capt Alan Lane, (RIP)   
Capt Bob Langley (RIP)
Capt ? Macdonald
Capt ? Mackenzie (RIP)
Capt ? Miles, (Ex HCA)
Air Charter, CAB, BUA, BUAF Aircrew based at SEN 1956-1965
Capt John Moss (RIP)
Capt Alex Nicholls
Capt Dave Owen, (Ex HCA)   
Capt Ian Paton
Capt Bob Patterson
Capt Jim Plunkett
Capt Barry Rawlings
Capt Eddie Roocroft (RIP)
Capt Harry Saunderson (RIP)
Capt Eric Saunders
Capt Dudley Scorgie (RIP)
Capt Adrian Shann
Capt George Sharett , (EX HCA)  
Capt Reg(?) Sheppard,  (Ex HCA)
Capt Rex Shilton (RIP)
Capt Jack Shirvell
Capt Ken Shorter
Capt Keith Sissions
Capt Vic Smith
Capt John Taplin
Capt Roy Tappenden (RIP)
Capt Tommy Thomason
Capt John Toothill, (Ex HCA - RIP) 
Capt Pete Trowsdale
Capt Freddy Underhill,
Capt Jim Unwin
Capt Mike Vaughan (RIP)
Capt Frank Walsh, (Ex HCA)
Capt Tony Weber
F/O George Barrett
F/O Tom Bert
F/O Peter Bish
F/O Derrick Brassey (RIP)
F/O Cliff Byway
F/O Scott Crawford
F/O Cue Cureton,   
F/O Ken Drake
F/O John Flynn
F/O Ron Howden (RIP)
F/O Arthur Jones
F/O Alex Killerby (RIP)
F/O Roy Linnington (RIP)
F/O Rory McNamara
F/O Alan Millership
F/O Fred Murray
F/O John Nelmes
F/O Charles Oman (RIP)
F/O Mike Owen
F/O Ron Ritchie
F/O Rocky Rockell
F/O Peter Treadaway (RIP) 
F/O Alan Tyler             
F/O Mike Wallis
F/O Roger  Wickes
F/O Alan Wiles (RIP)  
F/O Ken Woodhams (RIP)
Peter has been puttng together a list of flight crew based at Southend, here is his list to date. Always pleased to know about any additions or updates so we can make it as complete as possible.
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